Three new Amazon Echo….Echo….Echos….

It seems like lately there has been a never ending rush of new devices being launched with Amazon's Alexa AI assistant embedded inside and now, Amazon has added a few new options to their own lineup.  The new devices a focused on three different markets: high-end with...

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ShadeCraft SUNFLOWERJun 7, 2017 Greetings from the future.  Announced this year at CES, the ShadeCraft Sunflower solar patio umbrella gives us a glimpse of the type of outdoor Home Automation solutions we can expect to see appearing in the IoT world in the near...

Edyn Smart Garden Sensor

Edyn Smart Garden SensorJun 6, 2017 As the weather gets nicer we spend more time outside our smart homes.   That doesn’t mean that we can’t take some of the smarts with us out into the garden.  The Edyn Garden Sensor keeps you connected to your garden by... Fridge Cam

The Fridge Cam not only shows you what you have in your fridge it will also track expiry dates, auto-replenish groceries with your local grocery store, and suggest recipes based on what you have in your fridge.

HYDRAO Smart Shower Head

A smart shower head that powers itself using an internal turbine and uses colored LED lights to warn you as you are using more water than you want.

Ecobee-Alexa Fusion

EcoBee has backed the Amazon Alexa voice services in a big way. They now offer a new version of their awesome thermostat (our choice for the Stuff We Love) with Alexa baked in.

Introducing the Amazon Echo Show

Introducing the Amazon Echo Show by enautoma | May 20, 2017 Amazon has announced a new home assistant to their Echo line up: the Echo Show.   The Echo Show is the first voice controlled assistant from Amazon with both a camera and full 7″ touchscreen.  For the...