Starship Technologies Delivery Drone

Starship Delivery Drone

What springs to mind when you hear the words “Delivery Drone”?  For most I would wager it is a quadcopter drone that is all over the media these days – flying places they shouldn’t and typically doing something to annoy, pester, or even endanger people around them.  If you love tech maybe you even dream of a drone flying in to drop off a smiling package full of Amazon goodness – how much fun would it be to have your next gadget drop-shipped directly into your backyard!  The dream is a big one imagining a future where all of our consumer wishes receive near instant gratification of expedited delivery.  The downside is that with all of the hurdles to overcome those dreams also seems like they are probably (hopefully?) a long way off in the future.
Starship Technologies, launched by the former co-founders of Skype, has found a way around many of the concerns and aims to make deliveries that don’t endanger anyone and actually save energy and money in the process. Sound too good to be true?  Think it sounds great and will probably be ready in a few years?  Would it surprise you that they have a product in the field today actively delivering products?  Not only is their company name a cool play on words, Starship Technologies has a killer idea.
Starship’s self-driving delivery robot can deliver items within a 3 mile (5KM) radius in 5-30 minutes and substantially reduce the cost of the shipments.  The entire journey can be monitored on a smartphone and uses less energy than a typical lightbulb.  Simple, automated, secure deliveries on demand.  Starship Technologies really is ‘here to deliver’.  Keep your eye out for one of their wheeled roving delivery drones in a neighbourhood near you soon!