ecovent-full_stack_square_webHere is something a little different and interesting:  Ecovent.  If you have a forced air HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) system you will love this.  The Ecovent system will open and close vents in each room to redirect the heating or air conditioning to the places you want it.
The System interfaces with your wirelessly controlled thermostat and an app on your phone allows you to set the temperature you want in each room of your home or office.  The central controller will then fire up the heat or cooling and open and close the vents in the rooms throughout the house to channel the warm or cool air to the room you want it in.  Sensors in each of the rooms will monitor the temperature and signal the thermostat when to start or stop.
The system not only improves comfort by heating and cooling specific rooms it saves money by not heating or cooling spaces that aren’t being used and reducing the wear on HVAC systems.
This is a brilliant use of a network of IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and systems to address a very common and often overlooked problem.  The system is very straightforward and non-invasive to install.  However, currently it requires a professional installer and is only available in the USA.  Hopefully they will expand and make the system available in other countries soon!
For all the details about how the system works check out the Ecovent website here.  There is even a video from their recent appearance on “Ask This Old House”.
I have often wanted a solution similar to this and would certainly like Ecovent in my home.  What about you?  Let us know in the comments.