We love it when something comes along that makes old tech new again.  An idea we have loved for a while is using old (or not so old…) cell phones and tablets as security cameras.  One of our favourite apps for this is Manything… which is packed with great features and a track record of solid performance.   Another good alternative is Presence by People Power Company.  Their mobile application also uses your old devices and kicks it up a notch by offering to integrate it into a full home security ecosystem.  The option of using the Presence Gateway and mobile application as the control point for your full home automation security system make it a compelling choice for a DIY home security system. Recently People Power Co. took things up a notch by launching an Indiegogo campaign to fund the Presence 360.  This device they are calling a ‘Security Camera Robot’ holds your phone and allows you to move it around.  Panning it 360 degrees and tilting it up and down.  This can be done either with easy and intuitive touch gestures or in an automated fashion to cover up to three predetermined locations. Although the Presence 360 is no longer available on Indigogo and has not made it to the Presence web store yet it is something we will be keeping our eyes and ears open about.  Very cool stuff.