One of the toughest things to get right with a home automation setup is how to control it.  Although there are no end of options there has been no silver bullet that allows you to connect all your devices and quickly and intuitively have anyone control them.  The Sevenhugs Smart Remote aims (pun intended) to put an end to that.  This smart remote controller uses three geolocation disks mounted around your room to help you train it to know what you are pointing at.  The remote adjusts the controls presented to you based on what you have it pointed at. Wow, what a simple (after you have heard it) and amazing idea.  Check out the videos on their Kickstarter site to see more about how the patent pending technology works.
The remote will connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared and is compatible with over 25,000 (yep, that’s no typo) devices.  It will control your TV and AV equipment by pointing at them but it can also be programmed to connect with services like Uber and bring up the controls for ordering a ride, say when you point the remote at the door.  It can also control devices in other parts of the house by pointing at other rooms.  The remotes only work fully in rooms where they have been setup but you can purchase multiple remotes for each of the spaces you would like to cover.  Also, the remotes will work more like a traditional smart home remote controller when they are out of their smart zones by offering a selection carousel with all of your devices listed.
The remote does all the things you would expect from a top of the line remote like custom scenes and light grouping and it looks snazzy with its high definition touch screen.  It charges via a USB-C enabled base station which includes a lost and found button so you never loose your remote.
The Sevenhugs remote can be found on Kickstarter and can be yours in July 2017 for a pledge of $199 or more.