Bixi Gesture and Voice Controlled Smart RemoteThe Bixi Smart Remote is a crowdfunded smart remote that uses in-air hand gestures to control up to two devices simultaneously.  The original Bixi is scheduled to begin shipping in March 2017.  The device is a small puck that can be mounted wherever is convenient or carried along with you.  The Bixi aims to make interacting with your devices easier for situations where you may be distracted easily like driving or biking and also for situations where your hands may be dirty such as cooking or gardening.  It will not only interact with smartphones, tablets and PC’s it will also control a wide range of connected objects like Philips Hue and LIFX bulbs, Nest thermostats and Sonos speaker systems.
A follow up act has already been planned with the Bixi 2.0 (pictured here) presented at CES.  The Bixi 2.0 launches with a new dock that can link multiple Bixi 1.0 and Bixi 2.0 devices.  The new version adds a load of new features including an e-Ink display that can be used for alerts ranging from the weather to the status of your thermostat, door locks, security cameras etc.
The Bixi devices have an estimated battery life of one month.  They connect using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and uses the dock as a BLE to WiFi bridge for all Alexa commands. Check out their website for the rest of the story!