Hook Smart Home HubHook is one of those products that makes you go:  “Why didn’t I think of that”!?!  The Hook smart home hub transforms the cheap ‘dumb’ remote controlled outlets that you can find almost everywhere and that cost almost nothing into smart web controlled devices.  The Hook acts as a RF to WiFi bridge allowing you to clone the remotes of a wide range of RF outlet controllers and turn them into a smart outlet.  The Hook includes nicely designed iOS, Android and Web applications.  It also has a REST API and supports OAUTH 2.0 which means pretty much endless possibilities for integration.  Beyond that it works with both IFTTT and Alexa out of the box.  
The Hook is a crowdfunded project that has made it fully to the market.  It currently selling on Amazon.com for $49.95 and whether you have a box of old 433MHz outlet controllers sitting around in your basement or you want to go buy a bunch of them and try it out we think this one is worth checking out!