Automated lighting is often designed to disappear.  It gets installed and just does its thing making your life a little easier in subtle ways.  If you aren’t down with that and want  some smart home tech that says: “I have some of the coolest sh*t out there” look no further than the gear from Nanoleaf.  With a focus on design these lights are meant to be on display.  

The Aurora is a modular smart light system.  It consists of a set of triangular LED panels you clip together in whatever design you choose.  The starter kit comes with 9 panels and you can run up to 30 panels per base.  The panels come with double sided tape for mounting and have a ceiling mounting option on the roadmap for 2017.  Once you have a design you like you can set individual panel colours and create animated scenes.  The lights are controlled from an app available on both IOS and Android or the lights can be controlled directly from the base unit.  
The Smart Ivy is a futuristic blend of light emitting diodes and origami that combine to make a super efficient and ultra cool looking light bulb.  The bulbs use dimmable white LEDs and come in black or white PCB.  They are designed for the long haul with quality components the folks at Nanoleaf claim could still be lighting your life up to 27 years from now. The starter kit includes the Nanoleaf Smart Hub that can control up to 50 bulbs.
All of the Nanoleaf smart series lighting integrates through the Nanoleaf cloud and can be voice controlled via Alexa and Homekit.  There is even more automation control via IFTTT. The products are designed to be future proof utilizing open standards and firmware upgrades. Nanoleaf has some very cool products with smart designs and big plans for the future – possibly even flying toasters, who knows! Check them out.