The battle between mouse and man escalates yet again.  In the never ending quest for the best mouse trap Dome has created a Z-Wave connected electronic trap.  The trap runs on four AA’s and will kill up to 50 mice before you need to replace the batteries.  The trap can be placed up to 150 feet from a Z-Wave hub or repeater and will send you alerts via your to let you know when you have caught a mouse, rat or other rodent.  The trap will work on its own (without the alerting functionality).  Bait is stored in a separate container allowing multiple mice to be caught before re-baiting is required.  The design of the trap allow you to easily empty it without touching the mice and includes a detachable trap section allowing for easy cleaning.   If killing mice is not your thing you can achieve similar results by building a bucket trap without the liquid to drown the rodents and setting up a camera or motion sensor to alert you when the trap has been sprung.   The Dome Z-Wave Smart Electronic Mouse, Rat and Rodent Trap DMMZ1 is available directly from the Dome Home Automation Store or from Amazon.