IKEA has launched an affordable home automation hub.  They are also broadening their lineup of smart lights and sensors which have been available in Europe since the fall of 2016.  The new lineup includes a  ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) bridge utilizing the same technology as the Philips Hue line of lights.  The lights are white only but can reproduce a range of white hues and are dimmable.  In true IKEA fashion the new kits will be low cost with a starter kit with two bulbs, a control hub and a remote control selling for $79.99 USD.  
The automated lineup also includes an app for IOS and Android, motion sensor kits and LED light panels that replace doors on their BESTA cabinets and METOD kitchen cabinets.  While there is currently no information about interoperability or connectivity with other systems we are happy to see that they are based on the ZigBee platform and expect to see more information about integration announced in the future.
A full list of the smart devices includes:

  • TRÅDFRI LED bulbs and remote control
  • TRÅDFRI gateway kit and app
  • TRÅDFRI motion sensor kit
  • TRÅDFRI dimming kits
  • FLOALT LED light panels
  • SURTE and JORMLIEN LED light doors for BESTÅ cabinets and METOD kitchen cabinets

IKEA being IKEA they have produced some smile worthy odd commercials for their new products.  Check some of them out here: