The NuBryte Touchpoint replaces and significantly upgrades a standard single or double light switch.  The Touchpoint is a $250 touchscreen enabled super switch.  The switch provides all of the lighting controls and basic features you would expect from a high-end light switch: touch control, automated light modes, etc  It also includes advanced features like motion sensing and a control app that is available for IOS and Android.  
The unit also provides security, home hub and intercom functionality.  The security features include a camera, microphone, motion detection and a 100 db alarm.  The intercom works when you have multiple units installed allowing you to automatically (via wireless connectivity) communicate room-to-room or to broadcast to all units throughout the house.  The Home Hub provides a wealth of information like the weather, locally measured indoor temperature and humidity levels, timers, alarms, family calendars and even energy consumption tracking and measurement for the devices controlled by the Touchpoint controller.
The Touchpoint integrates with Alexa, Nest, IFTTT, Hue and Google Calendar.  Future releases include non-touchscreen smart switches and the NuBryte Hub which will allow integration with Z-Wave and Zigbee controllers.  They have also recently released a Touchpoint Plus Fan that allows you to control a light and a fan.