EcoBee4 in a roomEcobee has backed the Amazon Alexa voice services in a big way.  The ecobee4 is an updated version of their awesome thermostat (our choice for the Stuff We Love) with Alexa baked in.

What’s Changed?

The thermostat is essentially the same as their earlier version, the ecobee3, with the addition of Alexa and the components required to add functionality – like a light to indicate when Alexa is listening, an array of microphones, and a good speaker to hear Alexa’s responses or the music you ask to be served up.  There are also updates in the ecobee app that allow you to control when Alexa is listening or not.  Other than the Alexa-related enhancements, the ecobee4 is almost identical to the previous version with only minor differences.  For example, the ecobee4 is about one millimeter smaller all around than the previous unit.
EcoBee4 Speaker

ecobee4 speaker

Ecobee Smart Switches

Ecobee didn’t stop with a new version of the thermostat.  They upped the game all around and are now offering smart switches that also have Alexa voice services built in along with the same remote sensor technology they use to detect hot and cold spots in different parts of the house.  The switches will not only extend Alexa into more areas of the house, it will also expand the sensors around the house  improving the temperature monitoring, efficiency of the heating and cooling, and the comfort of those spaces. ecobee smart switch