HYDRAO First with bath toysThe HYDRAO smart shower is a replacement shower head that helps you conserve water when you shower.  The shower head uses a mini built in turbine to power LED lights that change color as you use more water.  There is also an app that connects to the shower head.  The app allows you to adjust the settings for thresholds and colors, track your water usage and the energy used to heat the water.  The app also shows you your best score using game theory to nudge you into even more water conservation. Like all the best home automation technology, this not only saves you money by reducing your water and energy consumption.  The HYDRAO is easy to install and also provides additional benefits of lighting your shower and allowing you to capture more information and track trends and changes in behavior. The HYDRAO is available in the USA and EU from the HYDRAO website for $99 USD or from Amazon online.  There are plans to offer a higher end shower head and a ‘go-between’ solution that will allow you to use any shower head and have the same lights and functionality. HYDRAO App - My Shower           You can also check out the following HYDRAO videos for more information.