Do you like the idea of one of the fancy new fridges with a camera built into it?  But you also love your current fridge and there is no way you want to spend thousands for a new one just to add a camera?  If so, Smarter has just the product for you: an aftermarket camera that you mount in your existing fridge.

What Does the Fridge Cam Do?

The Fridge Cam not only shows you what you have in your fridge, it will also track expiry dates, auto-replenish groceries with your local grocery store, and suggest recipes based on what you have in your fridge.  Not only is the fridge cam more economical and less wasteful than a whole new fridge, it can help avoid over purchasing perishable items and save you from throwing away food; something that costs average consumers hundreds of dollars a month.  The camera has a built-in USB rechargeable battery that Smarter claims will last for three to six months.

Fridge Cam App

The Fridge Cam includes a dedicated application for iOS and android which can use geolocation to remind you of items you need to pick up when you are near your local grocers.  The app will learn over time what items you keep on hand and can send you alerts to remind you of items that are expiring.  The Fridge cam will also monitor temperature and the app will send alerts if the fridge is too hot or cold and even if the door has been left open

How to Get One?

The Fridge Cam is scheduled to be released in the UK in the spring of 2017 for £99.99 with free shipping in the UK and USA.  The Fridge Cam joins an already popular lineup of smart kitchen items available from including their original product, a smart kettle and their smart coffee maker.