Edyn Garden SensorAs the weather gets nicer we spend more time outside our smart homes.   That doesn’t mean that we can’t take some of the smarts with us out into the garden.  The Edyn Garden Sensor keeps you connected to your garden by providing informing about local conditions and what is needed to keep your plants healthy and thriving. The Edyn Garden Sensor is part of the Edyn Smart Garden System that also includes the Edyn app for your iOS or Android phone and the Edyn Water Valve.  The sensor is planted in the garden and tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition, and moisture.  The information is sent to the app where it is cross referenced with plant, soil, and weather information to guide you in providing the best environment possible for your plants.  You can review historical trends  and even have Edyn analyze your garden to discover plants that will thrive in local conditions and climate.  This provides the information that allows you to better plan the evolution of your garden. The Edyn app will provide reminders to take care of any issues that arise and tailored suggestions for harvesting, pruning, and other care based on the life cycle of the plants you identify as part of your garden.  When paired with the Edyn Water Valve, the system will automatically provide the correct amount of water for your specific plants by taking into account the current moisture levels, the weather and each plant’s water requirements.

What’s the Downside?

The downsides of the Edyn, like other soil sensors, include slow information updates about soil conditions.  This is dirt we are talking about – things don’t change so quickly that you need to refresh the updates like it is twitter!  The sensor also needs to be placed carefully to collect relevant information.  Some users have indicated that they have problems with readings that do not make sense or are not reporting information.  There may be some lemon systems out there and Edyn has a return policy and process online from their website if you are concerned.  If you run into problems we recommend you read through the FAQs on their site which address some common concerns and to contact their customer support if issues persist. The Edyn Sensor ($99.97) and Water Valve ($59.99) can be ordered from the Edyn website or purchased online at Amazon or in-store from the Home Depot.  The Edyn app is available from the App Store (iOS)/Google Play (Android) on your phone or tablet.