Here’s another brilliant idea!  Brilliant Home Technologies has created a line of Smart Switches to replace your single, double, triple and even quadruple switches.  The switches take the place of your standard switch, using the same wiring, and add a dimmable controller with touch screen display, occupancy sensor, ambient light sensor, Wi-Fi, and voice control. The Brilliant switches include both Amazon Alexa voice control integrated and Brilliant Voice control to directly control light specific actions.  They also provide video conferencing between switches and integrate with IFTTT. The original batch of products were available for pre-order early in 2017 however are currently sold out.  If you were not able to get in on that deal, Brilliant plans to have full production ready units available for purchase in late 2017. For those interested in the techy details here they are:
  • 120 Volt, 5 Amp light control, dimming compatible
  • Easy to use touch sliders – swipe up/down to turn on/off lights, or hold to dim
  • Motion sensor, ambient light sensor, and voice control
  • Amazon Alexa Voice Services built in
  • Camera with physical privacy cover, providing audio/video intercom capability between two or more Brilliant Controls
  • Brilliant mobile app (available at shipping for iPhone and Android)
  • WiFi connected, supporting up to 802.11n – Ability to connect to and control supported Wifi-enabled smart home products
  • Bluetooth (to connect Brilliant Controls if WiFi not present)
  • 5″ diagonal LCD touch screen with 720×1280 resolution that can display a clock, and customizable scenes: seasonal art, motion art, and photos you upload from the Brilliant mobile app
  • Over the air software updates happen automatically, using industry standard encryption
  • Ability to access the Brilliant Control through IFTTT or the Brilliant Alexa skill
  • 134mm x 80mm x 9mm (5.28″ x 3.15″ x 0.35″) from the wall out, subject to minor changes
  • A 120 Volt single switch gang box, wired to code with load, line, ground, and neutral wires correctly wired (this is what is in the wall behind a typical single light switch)
  • WiFi connectivity (for initial setup and connecting to other smart home devices – Brilliant Controls will control lights without WiFi)