It seems like lately there has been a never ending rush of new devices being launched with Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant embedded inside and now, Amazon has added a few new options to their own lineup.  The new devices a focused on three different markets: high-end with a preference for the aesthetic, this who are looking for a device with a screen that is smaller than the Echo Show, and a more advanced version with improved technical features. Amazon Echo 2nd Generation The “All New” 2nd Generation Echo targets the high-end market with a range of fabric and textured exteriors, improved audio quality, and a price of $99.99 USD it takes aim at what is probably the most competitive portion of the market for higher end audio and classier design.     Amazon Echo Spot in White & Black The Echo Spot is the smaller, rounder sibling of the splashy Echo Show and is the second Echo device to include a screen.   It features most of the same functionality as the Echo Show including video calling, watching video clips, onscreen lyrics, and a custom clock face for when it is idle.  The Spot is to the Show as the Dot is the Echo – a smaller, cheaper (retailing for $129.99 USD on December 19, 2017) option.  It has only one speaker and a smaller (2.5″) screen which, if the Dot is any indication, shouldn’t be a deterrent to buyers.  We expect to see lots of these Spots flying off the shelves.   Picture of Amazon Echo Plus in 3 coloursThe Echo Plus targets the techie market with only the slightest nod to updating the look from the original Echo with some minor cosmetic changes and a few new colors.  The main attraction and reason for the ‘Plus’ is all inside.  Amazon has super charged the features and provided a built-in Smart Home hub with a ZigBee radio.  The addition of the hub means that the Echo Plus can now take on a more advanced role and actually directly control and integrate a wide range of smart devices.  When the Plus launches on October 31st, 2017 it will ship for $150 USD and will include a Phillips Hue smart bulb for no additional cost.