verb: to make your life awesome through automation

noun: the company helping you take your automation game to the next level!

enautomate was created to bring something new to the discussion about Smart Homes and home automation.  There is a lot of information out there on the web but there is a problem.  The industry is exploding and there is not a lot of consistency or agreement out there. How do you know which products to buy?  What questions to ask yourself? Which protocols will last?  How to set up your system?  We think that it’s time to ask the right questions, bring all the pieces of information together, and provide some answers.
Picture of Jeff in a treeenautomate is founded by Jeff (seen sitting in a tree) and brought to you by a team that is passionate about home automation and any technology that can be used to make your life better, smarter, more efficient, or more fun!  We scour the world for the latest and greatest in Smart Home and lifestyle automation technology, curate it, and deliver it to you through this site.
Visit our Start Here page for an overview of the different kinds of posts available on enautomate and contact us if you have suggestions for topics you’d like us to tackle in a future post.