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Thinking about automating something? Looking for inspiration? Check out our recommendations for scenarios like how to “automate a small house”, “automate your parent's house”, “automating shared spaces”.  These scenarios provide ideas to get you rolling and insights to help avoid common pitfalls.  You will also find market overviews and case studies in this section.

How Tos Fridge Cam

The Fridge Cam not only shows you what you have in your fridge it will also track expiry dates, auto-replenish groceries with your local grocery store, and suggest recipes based on what you have in your fridge.

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Smart Home IP Cameras – Which One To Buy?

There are hundreds of options if you are looking for an IP camera. The market is growing and changing quickly. You will find IP cameras grouped into categories including: pinhole, security, wireless, power over internet (POE) or even ‘specialty’ groupings like doorbell, baby or health monitors. There really is no end to the amazing variety.

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