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enautomate was created to bring something new to the discussion about Smart Homes and home automation.  There is a lot of information out there on the web but there is a problem.  The industry is exploding and there is not a lot of consistency or agreement out there. How do you know which products to buy?  What questions to ask yourself? Which protocols will last?  How to set up your system?  We think that it’s time to ask the right questions, bring all the pieces of information together, and provide some answers.
enautomate is brought to you by a team that is passionate about home automation and any technology that can be used to make your life better, smarter, more efficient, or more fun!  We scour the world for the latest and greatest in Smart Home and lifestyle automation technology, curate it, and deliver it to you through this site.
The goal of this site is to introduce you to new or new-to-you automation technology.  It is designed to help beginners get a fundamental understanding of what they can do and to inspire more advanced users with different options and ideas. On the site you will find things broken into these main categories:
The Big Picture – This is the main blog on enautomate where you will find how-tos, market overviews, case studies and a little bit of everything else related to Smart Homes and smart technology.
News Feed – The latest information from the world of the Smart Home and IoT.  We post regular updates and it is a great place to learn about new technology and get inspired for your next project.  If we have missed something awesome, please send us a tip.
Stuff We Love – If you are looking for our take on the best gear, then head over to the Stuff We Love section for our recommendations. Here’s a sample to get you started:

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We hope you enjoy enautomate as much as we enjoy putting it together! Our goal is to provide the information you need to make your life better through automation and provide some entertainment along the way.