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If the idea of checking out stuff we love seems odd to you or you have never looked at our “Stuff We Love” posts before you may want to check out: “Stuff We Love -A Primer” to get your bearings.  Enjoy!

Smart Home Hubs – Which One To Buy?

A smart hub is the center of the smart home.  It is the glue that holds everything together, the brains that make things smart, and the translator that helps different devices work together.  A hub is not necessary for a smart home to function but it really does take...

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Smart Home IP Cameras – Which One To Buy?

There are hundreds of options if you are looking for an IP camera. The market is growing and changing quickly. You will find IP cameras grouped into categories including: pinhole, security, wireless, power over internet (POE) or even ‘specialty’ groupings like doorbell, baby or health monitors. There really is no end to the amazing variety.

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Smart Home Thermostats – Which One To Buy?

If you are looking for a new ‘smart’ thermostat the good news is you have lots of options.  The bad news is you have LOTS of options.  This sector of the market has exploded and it seems like everyone is now offering a thermostat. What We Love: The EcoBee4 Why We Love...

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Smart Home Weather Station – Which One to Buy?

The weather has fascinated us for as long as... well, as long as there have been humans.  The environment around us is a significant factor in our safety, comfort and overall wellbeing.  A lot of information can be accessed easily and freely via a multitude of public...

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Smart Home Garage Door Openers – Which One To Buy?

Garage door openers are not new home automation technology; they have been around for almost a hundred years!  For a long time the lowly garage door opener has been taken for granted but recently there has been a renaissance and the old technology is new again.  Loads...

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